Angela's Army

Had a nice email from Angela Catterns the other day in response to a ‘welcome back’ message I sent via her website. Today is her final day sitting in for Richard Feidler in his ‘Conversation Hour’ on ABC Local Radio 702 and I was prepared to say ‘bye’ for now. I’d even dug out this old photo of her taken when she was a presenter at Triple J radio in 1986 to give her a better ‘send-off’! šŸ™‚

Angel Catterns at Triple J in 1986However, she told me she’ll be sitting in for James Valentine in the afternoons for the next two weeks! The response from me was ‘woohoo’!!

This week was good for us fans, just in terms of her voice getting some airing but much as she did her job beautifully, the structure of the Conversation Hour is fairly rigid in that an interviewer is really there to… well… interviews!

One of Angela’s strongest skills is her ability to get people to open up, which she did beautifully this week. Of course the point of the interview is to give the person being interviewed a chance to share and shine instead of the person asking the questions, tho of course the right questions have to be asked! So you don’t really want the presenter to outshine the target! šŸ™‚

The afternoon show however is very varied in its appeal with a large variety of ‘segments’ where the presenter is the main focus and I’m expecting Angela to again come into her own and let it all hang out in the way only she can. Should be a great couple of weeks.

Oh yes… before anyone decides I’m getting obsessed with Ange this isn’t quite true. She just has a voice that is entirely consistent with ‘honesty’ and it’s a pleasure to listen to her. I’m just one of a half million other members of ‘Angelas Army’, a group of people who happily follow her around the airwaves just because we trust her. šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Angela's Army

  1. Hi – I just happened upon your blog – searching for Angela Catterns. You mention being able to email her via her website. I haven’t found her website. can you send me a link?


  2. Hi Ann, responded via email but thought I’d add the link here as well for those who want to know where she is.

    Angela’s website is

    There are links onsite both for her newsletter, and to contact her… tho I’m yet to receive a newsletter! šŸ˜€

    She’s a lovely girl tho for all that.

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