So how did the schedule go?

Well we arrived at the Maritime Museum in plenty of time. Joined as members, which was only $20 more than the entry fee so we now have a years access available if we want it.

The intention was to go to the Wet World exhibit but we ended up spending the entire morning looking around ships! We looked through the Vampire (submarine) and the reconstruction of Captain Cook’s ship, Endeavour and that was the morning gone!

After a visit to the Members Lounge, we went off to meet the wife for lunch – which was *very* pleasant! – then drifted over to the Powerhouse Musem for a gander at the new Star Wars exhibition (hard to believe the first movie was released over 30 years ago!!) and then collapsed in *their* Members Lounge until the wife called to say she was on her way to meet us.

So. No chaos for a change, but it was really hot which slowed us up dramatically, and for the first time I was glad of a Family Pass on the Monorail! I’d never have lasted if we’d tried to walk across the harbour foreshore four or five times! 🙂

Going back again next week!!

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