And in the UK?

In the UK while mayhem reigns on the streets those guardians of law and order have slapped a $150 fine on a pensioner because someone knocked a cigarette out of his hand!

The ‘someone’ who knocked the cigarette out of the hand of Lazaris Michael (76) was a policeman who tackling a shoplifter. Before Mr Michael was able to recover the cigarette he had only just lit, one of the local councils jobsworth wardens slapped him with the fixed penalty fine!

Despite pleasding with them to show some common sense the council said they had a ‘no tolernace’ policy and the fine must be paid. Mr Michael said apart from being shocked but the event, the only reason he didn’t pick up the cigarette immediately was that the warden intercepted him!

Seems even dropping something accidentally, or as in this case, because of someone elses action you are still guilty of breaking the law and become a criminal.

Meanwhile while people are being called criminals for putting their bins out early or dropping crisps, people are being attacked on the streets with impunity. Good to see law enforcement over there has its priorities right eh?

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