Halcyon Days – again?

Yet again the name of that idiot Garry Houghton, owner of the landscaping company with the laughable name of ‘Halcyon Days’, has popped up because of his shoddy slap-dash approach to his responsibilities.

Despite the incredible problems we had with him, despite having the local Fair Trading people finding against him in our dispute, despite his shoddy work *still* not being fixed… and despite us having to pay him off to scrape him off our shoes… he still manages to annoy.

Five years after he stopped working here (I won’t say ‘finished’ because of the appalling mess he left) we had a letter from the council telling us he had never gone back to collect the Development Application from them! Apparently they now have reason to believe “work may have proceeded on the project”. Seriously – after all this time ‘Halcyon Days’ still performs more like ‘Hades Days’.

We’re been informed that “work should not have proceeded until the Development Application/Construction Certificate and approved plans have been released from Council”.

Can you believe the sheer unprofessionalism of an ex-travelling salesman who claimed to be an expert in his field?? How the hell this guy is still in business beats me. Knowing what I know now I wouldn’t allow him to dig me a hole in the ground… even if he paid me to let him!

So, somehow we have to sort out yet another of the messes he left us with. Garry Houghton…. Halcyon Days… remember those names… what more can I say??

By the way, if anyone would like to come round to investigate the quality of his ‘craftsmanship’… feel free.

Hopefully you’ll do it *before* you sign a contract… !!!!

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