Too much reading is bad for you!

With my cold finally in retreat I’ve been feeling a lot better so was intending to nip up to the Guide Hut today to mow the grass and get ready for the District Camp Fire which is on tomorrow evening.

Instead I spent a lot of the day finishing off re-reading a series of books I’ve already read once… ‘Inheritance’ by Christopher Paolini. The three books released so far are in some ways a mixture of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter at least as far as some of the themes are concerned.

The books aren’t as well written as LoR and perhaps don’t ‘engage’ the reader in alternate possibilities the way that the Potter series do, yet they are quite satisfyingly complete for all that.

The problem is that I have so much work to do that I really didn’t have time to spare. I have a mountain of housework to do as well as the Girl Guide support stuff. And of course Xmas is on the way so the kids want me to give them some assistance in getting the decorations up!

Tomorrow will be a very busy day as I try to get a weeks work done in 8 hours.

Still, it’s nice not to be spending all day sneezing so things could be worse.

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