Nigerian scam artists.

Got this in the post the other day… and it made me wonder just what sort of idiots these scam artists think we are? Just *who* in their right minds would respond to a letter that ‘out of the blue’ tells you you suddenly own $800,000? Just *who* in their right minds would send off so much personal information *including* a scan of an ID card? Clearly subtlety isn’t a strong point!!

Our ref:………..
Your Ref:……

This is to officially inform you that you have an unclaimed remittance sum of $800.000 USD from the remittance center accredited in your are requested to send down your legal details
Monthly Income:…….
Occupation &position Held:…….
Note: that you are to send down a scan copy of your identity card for certification to Mrs Purya Josephine for claim processing at the international Remittance center.
Mrs Purya Josephine:{}


Minister of Finance
International Remittance Center.

You may ask who would be so stupid yet people *do* respond to these things and not only do they respond… but they even send money to them as well as all their personal details! Hundreds of thousands of dollars are transferred to these sharks yearly by gullible people who can’t believe their luck!

For these scammers Xmas comes many times a year. Beware folks, that old adage runs true. If it seems to good to be true… it probably is!

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