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These are a few of the headlines I’ve found ‘of interest’ but haven’t had time to write about. You might notice that a lot have been gleaned from the online Site of the Daily Mail. I find it hard to believe this right wing rag could be producing so much ‘social comment’ but there it is… for good or bad they are passing on all sorts of stories about daily life in the UK. But not to show favouritism… let’s start in Australia!

Bernhard Moeller denied residency because of Down syndrome son Lukas

A would-be migrant doctor from Germany serving a quiet country town, somewhere it’s hard to attract qualified staff, has been told his application to stay has been rejected because his son has Down’s Syndrome.  This blatant piece of discrimination flies in the face of community wishes and support, the fact that this kid is almost self-supporting and that his family are more than able to take care of him til his dying day! Understandably there is outrage being expressed over large parts of the media.

Having been on the receiving end of this sort of discrimination I can well understand the frustration the doctor and his wife are feeling! Appeals are under way but you couldn’t blame then fro just throwing in the towel and departing to a country where they’d be made to feel more welcome.

Newlywed father-to-be killed by police in case of mistaken identity
Armed UK police were following suspected burglars past a man’s house. When he went out to investigate… he was shot dead by a policeman who didn’t bother to identify himself as a police officer… and with no evidence whatsoever, decided the home owner was one of the burglars. So yet again and unarmed innocent person has been gunned down by the defenders of moral probity.

I wonder if the inquest will go the same way as that into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes where the police are still trying to justify shooting an unarmed innocent man to death because they were told he looked like vaguely like someone that someone else thought might possibly be a potential terrorist… perhaps. The entire episode was a disgraceful, over-reaction as has been the sordid attempts the police force have made to wriggle out of their culpability.

As pathetic as it is… the debacle reminds me of this sketch by the Not The Nine O Clock News gang 25 years ago

What doesn’t change stays the same.

Islamists stone to death Somali woman for adultery
In yet another step towards racial tolerance, Somalia has allowed the stoning to death of a woman for ‘adultery’. They claimed she *agreed* she should be executed… but all evidence points to the opposite. What is worse was that as the crown became restless, a small child ran out towards the place where she had been buried to her neck in the ground awaiting her death and an armed guard shot shot him dead!!

When will people learn to treat other with kindness instead of mindless brutality? Not in my lifetime I think.

Baby’s lucky escape after blundering chemist gives mother deadly morphine prescription by mistake

Yes the baby’s mother was lucky she realised there was an error… but is no action going to be taken against the chemist for endangering someone’s life?? Apparently not… had things gone a slightly different direction it could well have been “Sorry… just an unfortunate error. So sad, too bad… here’s a few bob towards the funeral.”

That’ll do for now… there’s lots more but this post will go on for miles if I don’t call a halt!! 😛

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