Moving right along…

Well ‘moving right along’ is what we wish we *could* do but the New South Wales government has turned its back on hundreds of thousands of people encouraged to move to North Western Sydney on the promises or increased and improved infrastructure… including a rail link to carry people from the areas they live, into the City to work or shop. We’re going to be stuck here for the long haul with inferior access to the City for both personal and business use.

There is only one real corridor to carry literally hundreds of thousands of people from places like Rouse Hill, Windsor Richmond and further afield… and that is Windsor Road, which leads on to the only motorway accessible to us the M2. Was it not serious these roads would be considered a joke.

Despite being now widened (after *intense* community pressure) to four lanes Windsor Road is usually blocked solid from Rouse Hill to the M2 from 7:00 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. The so called motorway is blocked its entire length for much the same period. How much this costs in lost salaries, lost business and stress in incalculable, yet the government blithely abandoned what was left of the promised rail link (The North-West-Metro) because it is claiming it is all bar bankrupt.

We’ve been assured that new buses will be provided and more trains. But what use are more buses when the roads are already so congested traffic is at a standstill? Where are these trains to be provided, no doubt at stations already unable to provide reasonable *direct* access to the City!! The whole scenario is a nightmare already and is clearly going to be allowed to get far, far worse before anything will be done… if then!

And whilst buses and trains might seem to be an option for commuters, what about business users??

Now we have to ask what happened to the billions of dollars earmarked fro the scheme when it was first proposed ten years ago? Which governmental black hole did all that money get sucked into? Those of us who moved out here paid ridiculously high land taxes solely because we knew the money was going to provide us with this infrastructure… where is it??

The cynic in me feels the reason we are being abandoned is because this area has been a solid Liberal stronghold for the past 50 years, yet of the hundreds of thousands of us who moved here there are may who formerly supported Labor and had been making inroads to the Liberal majorities at every election… State and Federal. Now with that one decision all has been lost. And with it has gone any chance of the State Labor Party retaining power in New South Wales.

Finally they have shown themselves to be a party with no principles and it won’t simply be noticed by us in the North West. All over Sydney and the rest of New South Wales, people will see the reneging of promises to us as a taste of what will happen to *their* cherished promises!

To read more on the story there is an article in the Sydney Morning Herald by Liberal leader Barry O’Farrell… someone I do *not* want to see in power by the way!

5 thoughts on “Moving right along…

  1. Apart from the fact that the children are now well ensconced in the school and its community … I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the outside world is turning cartwheels … so selling our house right now would not be a sensible thing to do in anyone’s books … and on top of that the value has probably just dived further into the trough because … no-one will move here because there’s no infrastructure to get them into the City !!!

    1. So they cancelled the rail link, scrapped school bus passes and, we learned today, cancelled the ‘second line plan’ from Richmond… again with a promise of more buses!!

      So add together extra cars because of the scrapped bus passes, extra cars from the people migrating into the area, extra buses supposedly replacing the promised rail link… and a lack of bus lanes… onto roads already so packed that they are reduced to a standstill for up to 5 hours a day… and what can we see ahead??

      Yes…. Gridlock!!

      Move? There’ll be 250,000 of us soon who won’t be able to move *anywhere*!!

    2. hmmm….

      I had a discussion with a mate of mine who said this the wrong time to move. I replied if you are downsizing I agree…without question, if you’re upsizing (and you can take your mortgage with you – assuming it’s a goodie) then why the hell wouldn’t you..? The gap between you and larger properties is smaller, interest rates are falling like crazy so a 2 year tracker is the best option and people are open to silly offers as they need to move themselves..!

      The only issue is whether you feel your job is secure or not.

      The other thing to consider is building your own house. Land is rock bottom, builders have no work so will work for peanuts (especially small ones as you will be thier focus of attention – with a bonus on completion etc..etc..).

      Not sure why everyone is so downbeat, surely these times are there to be taken advantage of..?

      ho hum……just me I think…! A lone voice in an army of misery…..

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