I've been converted!

A short while ago I bought myself an external SATA HDD Docking station and a couple of SATA disks to allow me to put my money where my mouth has been all these years and finally back up my computers the way I nag everyone else to!

One thing that occurred to me after receiving it was that I could finally check out all those hard drives I’d removed from machines I’d outgrown or had simply died. Currently I have at least 24 and I know there are more tucked away in various cupboards! 🙂

Trouble is they take up room… along with the several dozen CD drives, floppy drives, power boxes etc that are cluttering up my cupboards and the hassle of fitting them into a machine, checking them and removing them is just too much effort to contemplate!

To use the external docking station tho I needed something that would convert a SATA connection to am IDE… and that finally arrived today after the sort of fuss you’d think remarkable was it not for my ongoing jinx’ [i](I just take the effects of the jinx as a matter of course usually – tho occasionally get frustrated by it)[/i].

Anyhoo… I have the docking station… I have the ‘converter’… I have the discs. Now all I need is the time to sit and work through them. I’ll report back with what [i](if anything)[/i] useful is found on them and bearing in mind some go back 10 years or more I doubt they’ll be much use! 🙂

After some work I remembered that nothing related to the jinx will work as well as I might hope, and so it went with this little project. Whilst each part connects to the individual pieces… none of the individual pieces will connect to each other!!

Will have to find a work-around but as usual, that’s the way it goes. 😀

Decided now to take one of the HDD’s, the converter *and* the dockingstation to my friendly local tech store and ask for advice… they’re pretty helpful and resourceful usually so might have a more elegant solution than mine, which is to run around screaming and banging my head against the wall!! 😀

More later!

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