Don't mention the air-conditioning!

As you may recall I’ve been wittering on periodically about the breakdown of all our aircon machinery in both car and house.

You might also recall that I took the car to the service station to be sorted out and was told the system simply needed re-gassing to ‘fix’ it, and also had arranged for a tech to come and repair the house system.

Well two days after the car was repaired… the a/c is no longer working. Clearly they re-gassed the system, but… also clearly… nobody bothered to fix the problem that caused the gas to leak!! I can’t take it to be repaired until at least Tuesday because the wife is home on holiday and we’d actually like to be able to go places instead of spending the day sitting in a repair shop!! First Grrr….. !!!

Which brings us to the house system.

The a/c tech turned up, spent considerable time (maybe two hours) doing wonderful things like regassing the system and fixing leaks… only to *then* decide the compressor needed replacing, isolating the system and charging us $250 for the privilege. We expect to be charged anything between $2,000 and $5,000 for a compressor or entirely new cooling unit. That was two days ago and so far we’ve not heard anything more! Maybe they are just too busy to bother. Second Grrr…. !!!!

I fail to understand why nobody working on the car thought it necessary to establish there was no leak before announcing the ‘repair’ complete, and why the a/c tech couldn’t simply go and get a new compressor and install it there and then!

Basically it seems nobody feels it necessary to actually do a job *properly*! Except me of cours… if there’s one thing I *can* and do *do* properly it’s whinge! And having landed myself in do do again I’m away to get on with life. 🙂

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