Go Logistics – just *go*!

I mentioned that on Friday small parcel we were expecting had done it’s part to uphold the credibility of “The Jinx” and arrived whilst we were away and therefore was returned to the depot by the delivery guycompany. The result was that instead of a 24 hour turnaround, we had to wait until today (4 days later) before we could expect delivery.

This morning I called the company “Go Logistics” to enquire when it would be redelivered and was told this afternoon. Sounded like a nice surprise as I was expecting to wait at least another day… but we waited.

At 4:50 p.m. there was no sign of the van arriving so I called and asked if it *would* be delivered today as the afternoon was nearly gone and there was no sign of the package. The person I spoke too assured me it was on the delivery van and would arrive between 5:30 pm. and 6:00 p.m.

At 6:30 p.m. there was of course… no sign whatever of a ‘Go Logistics’ van… or a Go Logistics driver… or of course the package that was supposed to be on board!

I might say I’m not too pleased, but you might expect that. However, I *do* understand that there are sorts of problems potentially arising between wherever the van starts its journey and it’s end point… here.

For example there’s traffic issues… delay at other drop off locations… mechanical failures… anything! But surely as a company, once you have committed to a time you need to keep the customer informed if that time can’t be kept?? Do these people have *no* monitoring equipment available to them?

Anyway, moving along. I rang the company yet again… for the 6th time… and they said the driver is having a horrendous day and he would arrive in, roughly, a half-hour.

Ok *if* it’s the part I want it isn’t critical… but I’m also expecting delivery of a new PDA (also several days late) so it could be either… and it it *is* the phone then the sooner the better for that as well!

Just so you know… it’s already over a half hour and guess what?? Correct… no parcel!! Geez Louise!!

Just for completeness, the converter *did* arrive along with a very harassed and apologetic driver who clearly was looking forwards to getting home to bed. As he said, our front door is hidden from the road by the vegetation so he *could* have just left the package the first time – but I suppose without authorisation he’d have been in trouble if it *had* been stolen.

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