Events Calendar

We’ve spent a little while trying to set up a new ‘plug in’ which is an Events Calendar. The idea is that impostant dates, like anniversaries or forthcoming items of interest will be flagged. It’s supposed to have a widget over in the right sidebar but as yet I can’t make it function. Still working on it of course… well I’ve asked for help which is much the same thing. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Events Calendar

  1. Ah shaddap 🙂

    I put it in the right place originally but while I was editing the new plugin to try to get the widget working I inadvertently put it back in the wrong place! 🙂

    Happy birthday for yesterday by the way… I hope you’ve finally decided your present from me was something you really needed?? 😛

  2. What did you buy..?

    Jo asked me once what I would buy her for her the 40th – when I replied “Liposuction” she punched me..!

  3. Nothing dramatic… just a Phillips GoGear Audio/Video player… 8Gb thing. I wanted to buy a Creative but figured she’d play hell with me if I spent as much as I wanted to… so I settled for a good quality device that didn’t cost the earth.

    And she played hell anyway! 😀

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