Have they gone yet?

Was clearing out some of the old posts the other day and found a few from the time we had that spat with the poison dwarf and her familiar. After some digging around I discovered I *was* able to publish them again… but with a ‘private’ tag which effectively stops outsiders from viewing them.

So… all the posts from that time are available for viewing, well viewing by some people.

It set me wondering if they are still in Australia or gone. We’ve not heard from them since we had a few pathetic messages about our Toll E-Tag which they drove off with. The wife has had a few messages in which they offered to pay ‘their share’ but despite the quite obvious need for them to simply buy their own they were clearly a lot happier continuing to sponge off us. Just why they were incapable of buying their own tag… like normal people would is beyond me and I suspect it will continue to remains so..

Actually they are welcome to it… and the tolls we’re paying for them… if only to ensure we never ever hear from them again.

Yes even after all this time the fact we put these people up for months as if they were ‘family’, as they pretended to be, yet *still* they felt entitled to steal from us still rankles.

Am I holding a grudge? Damn right I am!! And I’m still utterly disgusted that people could behave this way.

Anyway, over the months I’ve had these posts and comments in front of me each time I’ve opened the editing section of the site and wondered where to put them. I certainly wasn’t going to consign them to history… yet leaving them was an ongoing irritation.

Now at last they are back where they belong… online and available for others to see what sort of people we were dealing with.

Family? Don’t make me laugh.

2 thoughts on “Have they gone yet?

  1. I’ve made it ‘private’ just in case they ever try to pretend it wasn’t written. I can send you a copy… though I think I sent you the gist of it once before.

    Of course… you’ll be interested to learn they didn’t send the toll thing *back* to us either… and they aren’t cheap!! Just another example of the sort of people they are.

    Family?? Don’t make me laugh!!!

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