Verrrry interesting!

Had an interesting comment this morning from a guy called James who lives in Cardiff. It went into a thread I’d rather wasn’t messed up so I’m going to pass on his sentiments here. James also uses the ID ‘welshdog’ and has an address at, but that particular version of the name isn’t mine! 😀

It seems that someone… or perhaps more than one… has been sending him “ridiculous emails” that ‘curse me out’. James is requesting that these people please stop sending them to him and make the really, really, small effort required to make sure they go to the correct address!

Of course I’ve not the slightest idea why anyone would have been sending such things to sweet, inoffensive, non-controversial little me? Lord knows what goes on in people’s minds sometimes but from the sound of it they need to wash their mouths out with soapy water!!

Anyway, whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever the reason, James would like you to stop it… it’s tedious.

EDIT: After some digging around I found out it was the resident troll in the Australian Opinion forum who gets really shirty each time he’s banned. He found my email address in the profile I set up and started harassing ‘me’. Unfortunately I’d not spelled the name 100% accurately and so poor James got all this guy’s vitriol instead! 🙂

All sorted now – I suggested it might be nice if he used the right address and send an apology to James… he did I think adding in words like “fat buffoon” if memory serves me correctly! I’ve been called worse so I’m not worried. We get some real idiots on that forum. For instance this guy called himself “Baby Doll” – I kid you not!!  🙂

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