Missing in action?

Perhaps not so much “missing in action”, as “missing because of in-action”.

What am I talking about? Well I went to my diet specialist to have a chat and see if we can do something about my total inability to control my eating.  You might remember I lost 40+ kilos just before Xmas, I did make a big fuss of it after all 🙂 Well *since* Xmas I’ve managed to put nearly all of it back on again!

Ok I have a few excuses… huge number of people to feed over Xmas with the associated temptations… then breaking my toe and being inactive for 6 weeks or so… then coming down with the flu twice… not to mention collapsing with back/hip pains several times… but whatever the excuses, the result has been *bloat*.

The specialists recommendation were in three parts.

1. Back to the diet and exercise… obviously
2. See a specialist about a lap band operation… which I’ll be doing tomorrow afternoon.
3. Get off the Internet… well get off my backside and away from the computer which amounts to the same thing.

Well, ‘1‘ and ‘2‘ can be done simply enough… but in order for them to work… I have to implement ‘3‘. While I spend all day sitting by a computer chatting, reading and the like I’m not moving and not moving. If I’m not moving, I’m not burning calories – and especially not if I’m scarfing down whatever I can find in the cupboard while I’m (not) doing it.

The clear answer is to get off my substantial backside and move around more, preferably out of the house and away from the temptation of the kitchen/larder/fridge – during the day especially!!

The general upshot of this is that I’m letting you know in advance that the blog will only be updated intermittently for a while. I’m assuming I’ll be here in the evenings a couple of times a week but I’m not promising. If I do, I’ll post whatever I can find worth commenting on. If not… well… I won’t! 😀

So for now… I’m off.

2 thoughts on “Missing in action?

  1. There’s more… loads more… but that will be on the ‘Fatman on a Diet’ blog.

    Might take a day or two to get all the info on there bearing in mind how much I have to write and how little time I’m allowing myself! 🙂

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