Still here… somewhere.

Was looking today at the new Chrome Browser by Google and I have to admit to being *really* impressed!! The screen ‘real estate’ is being used to far greater advantage now I’ve lost those controls I only ever used once in a blue moon, and those additional search boxes that cluttered the place. This browser searches from the ‘address bar’ which leaves a *huuuuge* space!! 🙂

I’m not saying it’s perfect but I’ve a;ready stopped using Firefox in favour of Chrome and that alone should convince you it’s worth a look even if you decide it isn’t for you!

Whilst trying out the browser I meandered into Google Groups and found this little snippet of information:


What is a Usenet Newsgroup?

Google Groups contains the world’s most comprehensive archive of Usenet postings, dating back to 1981. Using Groups, you won’t need a newsreader and you can search this archive the same way you’d search on the web. You can also use Groups to post your own comments to an existing Usenet newsgroup.

Usenet is an online bulletin board system that began at Duke University in 1979. Usenet users can post messages to newsgroups that can be read (and responded to) by anyone who has access to the system through a newsreader. Over the years, the number of newsgroups has grown into the thousands; they’re hosted all over the world and cover every conceivable topic.

Well I appreciate this means nothing to most of you but for years I almost *lived* on Usenet arguing and fighting my way around the groups with all and sundry. For years the archive for all this dross was Deja News but after a series of financial blunders the system was all bar wrecked. Luckily Google bought the archive and extended it as far back as 1981 and created the web interface we see today… which is nowhere near as accessible as the old Deja was. Nevertheless at least the archive was saved so now you’ll be able to go and search to see just hopw rude I was to people… if you can find out what my nickname and/or email adress was/were! 😀

Still, the point is that I did all the research and searching using the new browser and apart from a couple of little quirks it’s worked with no problems whatsoever!

As for meself… well I’m slowly losing weight, in part because I’m eating less and alo because I’m moving around more. So do I miss the net?? Well yes. But I’ll get over it. 🙂

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