Breastfeeding… again.

Yet again the topic of breastfeeding appears in the blog. We’ve brought the subject up a few times before and each time it’s been because some bureacratic nitwit has decided it’s wrong… offensive… or liable to scare the horses or something.

This time we have a young woman, discreetly expressing milk to feed her young baby by using a breast pump. She was sitting, *behind a curtain*, in a parents room when she was told off by a *cleaner*!! She was followed back to her place of work by a security guard and a police officer and told a formal complaint was being made against her!!

This piece of sublime idiocy didn’t happen in some backward ‘hillbilly’ state in the USA but in sunny Adelaide in southern Australia. You can read the story here and when you do you’ll wonder what sort of lunatic would misunderstand in any way what this woman might have been doing!

The complaint was made by a woman who told the security people that “a topless woman was eating lunch in the parents room”. Did anyone make serious enquiries of her about what she was doing? Of course not. It was far easier to just harass her.

Did the female cleaner who stood an *watched* her ask her what she was doing? Of course not… far too hard. What she said was that the parents room was for parents and breastfeeding only – and that she wasn’t allowed to eat lunch in there. How embarrassing was that?

The clear and obvious fact the breast pump was doing its thing and she was eating her lunch whilst it did it was of course irrelevant. I’m really almost lost for words about this story… I suggest you read it for yourself.

Just tell me… how *stupid* can the management and security services of Westfield, Marion shopping mall really be??

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