It's that time already?

Time flies when you’re having fun… and when it drifts past without you noticing it going by!

Seems it’s *that* time again… in a few days the Olympic Games will start. This time of course, you’ll know it’s going to be in Beijing… unless you’ve been hiding under a rock of course!

Beijing Olympics 2008 (logo)

For some of us it seems like only a few days since the Sydney Olympics, but we had the Athens session in between, and I managed to miss that totally!

This time round I am *not* going to sit quietly in front of the TV and (again) bemoan the dreadful partisan coverage of any and every sport that either has an Australian in it *or* where and Australian has a medal chance. The possibility that other areas of sport might be more exciting, be more impressive or more important will as usual be given the back seat. If an Australian has a chance of a bronze medal at plastic duck saddling… our TV companies will be there to witness the inanity and preserve it for all time. How lucky are we eh??

You think I’m joking? You’ve not been here and watched! I even installed Foxtel one year in the hope of circumventing the dross but found they were even worse concentrating on such high profile stuff as ladies softball. Other offerings included such high participation sports as the classic ‘synchronised swimming’. I gave up.

I hope you’ll excuse me if I bury my head in the sand for the next few weeks with fingers in my ears screaming la-la-la-la until it’s all over?

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