By the way…

By the way, while we’re celebrating the 2008 Olympics and how well the Chinese have done in producing the spectacle… as praised they will be… let’s not clear entirely from our minds the ‘doings’ of the repressive government that controls the country.

It is now nearly 20 years since the infamous massacre at Tiananmen Square in Beijing where up to 3,000 known deaths occurred at the time (and an unknown number slaughtered after the event) as troops attacked to break up a peaceful demonstration in support of human and political rights.

Nor let us totally forget the invasion and suppression of Tibet and the thousands upon thousands killed, maimed and oppressed there.

While we’re at, it let’s recall that there are hundreds of thousands of political prisoners held all round China because their views don’t quite coincide with those of the ruling group. Just those associated with the oppressed group Falun Gong would make a large contingent… assuming their organs haven’t yet been ‘harvested’ for use in transplants.

Still, please don’t let the plight of these people spoil your enjoyment of the spectacle the event will produce, but remember that for every athlete competing, a thousand are in prison. For every medal that is won… a hundred have died.

Does their suffering matter? I suppose that depends on where you stand… literally. The Chinese government has heard of Human Rights, it just wants nothing to do with them.

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