The theme thing.

Have you noticed just how few of the major blockbusters we see in the movies these days have a ‘theme song’ associated with them?

Some, such as the Harry Potter  and Lord of the Rings series had nice melodies that we could hum or whistle, some like Shrek 1 have soundtracks filled with old songs that we can remember… but how many films these days have actual songs in the manner of, say, the Bond songs like ‘Goldfinger’, ‘You only live twice’, From Russia With Love etc?

Lots of films had really memorable themes that became hits in their own right. Remember “The Harry Lime Theme”, “Lara’s Theme” and the rest?

When we heard those tunes it took you straight back to the film bringing back all sorts of memories. I actually miss them. What happened? Where did they go?

2 thoughts on “The theme thing.

  1. and just for starters …..

    Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence : main theme
    Top Gun: Take My Breath Away
    From Russia With Love: Main Theme
    Dirty Dancing: I’ve Had The Time Of My Life
    Magnificent Seven, The
    An Officer And A Gentleman: Up Where We Belong
    Hair: Aquarius
    Godfather: Love Theme,
    Deerhunter – Cavatina, The
    Max Max – We Don’t Need Another Hero
    License To Kill – Main Theme
    La Bamba – La Bamba
    West Side Story – America
    Against All Odds – Take A Look At Me Now
    Exorcist – Tubular Bells,
    Chariots Of Fire – Main Theme
    10 – Bolero
    Local Hero – Going Home
    Porgy & Bess – Summertime
    A Star Is Born – Evergreen
    Spy Who Loved Me – Nobody Does It Better,

  2. Errr…. thanks for that… but these are still ‘old’ films and I’m sure there are hundreds more we could list, but where are all the *new* ones?? 🙂

    Why don’t we get any of these blockbuster movie themes and songs like we had in ‘the old days’? Each of the ones you mentioned became monsters in their own right… it can’t have *cost* the studio earnings to include them in the films so why has the supply dried up??

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