Public Breastfeeding in Wales? Nope.

I was reading a little straw poll on the Wales Online website which asked a question I’d have thought shouldn’t even need to be asked today.

The question is “Do you think it’s acceptable for women to breastfeed in public?” The answer was so obviously ‘yes’ that I was amazed that the results of their poll showed 78.4% actually voted *no*! No doubt these are descendants of the same people who put bras on cows, and skirts on piano legs for fear of overstimulating their little brains with lascivious thoughts.

Breastfeeding IconWorld Breastfeeding Week 2008 runs from August 1 – 7 2008 and it looks like this would be a good time for antiquated backwaters of the world to learn the facts of life. Are people really still embarrassed by doing something so natural?

Come on Wales… get a grip. What do you think those lumps of fat hanging off a woman’s chest are actually there for?? Decoration?? Geez.

On re-reading this I thought I should make it clear the comment “get a grip” was in no way intended to refer to the parts of the females under discussion… 🙂

One thought on “Public Breastfeeding in Wales? Nope.

  1. Having watched many a rugby match when we enjoy thrashing the english within an inch of thier life and celebrate winning glorious grand slams – I have seen many a young welsh lad remove his top and wander through the streets of Cardiff prsenting his MOOBS (M=Men, OOBS = wobbly bits on his chest caused by consuming 20years of Brains Bitter.!). So I wonder why when it the fairer sex we are referring to it’s snubbed.

    Encourage it I say – lets see the women take their tops off when we win, even if it is to feed little Dafydd – we’ll never lose again..!!!!!



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