How's your quality of life?

We’re quite remarkably well off by most standards. The wife earns a bucket of money, which of course we spend and enjoy pretty much, however the actual ‘quality of life’ issue still raises it’s head now and then.

In order for the wife to earn this small fortune she has to leave the house at 6:00 a.m. and return at 7:00 p.m. which is a long, long day. The result is that she’s tired constantly (aggravated by her physical condition of course and the tablets she takes to control it) and the weekends are often gone before she’s recovered enough to be able to do much.

So is our quality of life all it could be?

Well the wife said this morning she *has* to work in order that she keeps us constantly supplied with all our technological toys, and the accoutremonts of the lifestyle, to which I respond phooey!! Given the choice between her being home with us and having the toys etc we’d *all* choose her every time!

Can we do anything about it?

Well over the years I’ve whined in here repeatedly that I’d like to move, or *do* something about the issue and never got anywhere. I doubt anything will change anytime soon either. Interest rates have risen, petrol costs have risen and house prices have dropped. Essentially the simple cost of living has increased to the level that we just can’t afford to move even if we wanted to. We’d just end up with the same mortgage in a smaller house and she’d *still* have to work the same hours!

What to do? Anyone got a sure fire get rich quick scheme they can recommend?? 🙂

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