Life in the Kennel.

Please accept my apologies for not updating the blog as regularly as usual. The kids are home for what would be known as half term in the UK, but end of term in Oz, and so I’m a bit ‘pushed’ for time! In addition I decided now was a good time to start spring-cleaning and disposing of some of the rubbish we’ve collected over the years.

I’ve started in the kitchen which, apart from the computer, is where I spend most of my time after all. All the shelving has been worked through anything clearly ‘clutter’ and of no immediate use has been shifted to the ‘back room’ and will be part of a projected ‘garage sale’ to be held sometime over the next few months.

There are still many ‘useless’ items on those shelves, for example my collection of scruffy science-fiction paperbacks, assembled over the past 50 years really ought to go now. Yes I like to pick them up and read them occasionally, but since ‘occasionally’ means once every ten years or so, filling valuable shelf space with them seems a little perverse. The question currently is what to do with them?

Next step is to investigate e-bay I suppose and determine if there is a market for any of the junk… sorry I mean ‘disposable goods’… that I’ve decided we no longer need. Who knows. There might be another Sci-Fi nut out there who’d like to read all these things and would be willing to pay hard cash for them! 🙂

Moving on, I still have to go through the other rooms to consign ‘junk’ to the growing pile of garage sale goods until I’m convinced the house is junk-free. And then we move to the garage which we are currently unable to even walk into, let alone park the car in!

So that’s the state of play. The kids will be off school for another week and a half and then the blog will be back in force. Until then… all I can do is apologise. 🙂

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