The time has come… or something.

The time has come to bit the bullet and admit to myself that my back really *is* giving out. I actually pointed out in the ‘family forum’ a few days ago that I’ve finally let myself get a ‘mobility card’ to let me park closer to shops etc.

I’ve not got one before, partly because I’ve been (illegally) using my mothers ‘disability card’ when I’ve been in pain, but mostly because I just didn’t want to accept the fact that I really *do* have physical issues that need attention. Over the past couple of weeks it’s just got worse than ever.

Anyway I went down to the RTA, got my photo taken and now the card is sitting in the sun at the front of the car, and there it will stay until 2013, unless of course I cark it first. There’s a pleasant thought.

Actually, it’s strange to think of that selfish baggage… niece… who stayed with us over Xmas complaining because I wasn’t willing to continue slaving after her and her layabout, workshy… “socially phobic”… husband as the condition of my spine deteriorated and the pain increased.

Perhaps as they age they too will develop some similar physical problem and I wonder if they’ll recognise the irony when it hits them? Personally I doubt it. Either way it won’t help me any, I just have to manage as best I can starting with a trip to a specialist tomorrow to see if he has any suggestions for treatment that might alleviate the wort of the problem… i.e. the pain!

Regardless… I can at least park close to his office now! 🙂

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