Welcome Back Angela Catterns!!

Next week those of us in the Sydney area be able to welcome back Angea Catterns to the airwaves. Since Angela left Vega FM we’ve waited for the return to that intelligent mind and authoritative voice… and now we have it albeit for a short period.

Here’s an old picture of Angela from her Triple J days… she’s changed just a little since then!

Angela Catterns at Triple JFor next week at least, Angela will be running “Conversation Hour” on ABC 2BL Local Radio (702 AM) while Richard Feidler is on holiday.

Naturally we want her back full time and hope someone in the ABC reads this… well we know they do… and makes the right moves to get our girl back in our ears!! 🙂

Welcome back Ange – hey I’m looking forward to next week already!!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back Angela Catterns!!

  1. Maybe Angela could take over from James Valentine.What a line up aunty would then have.

  2. I wouldn’t suggest losing James… he’s pretty damn good. However… I think Richard Glover has passed his use by date. He has a career on TV and is spreading his wings in other media areas so he wouldn’t lose as much.

    Maybe Move James to Richards slot… and fit Ange into James slot… and *then* we’d have a dream line-up!! 🙂

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