Two years ago…

It was two years ago that Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) was killed by a sting ray and started the rise to fame of little Bindi. Since then the Irwin family has been in the news here on and off… admittedly more on… with various issues, problems, and triumphs. For months we’ve carried a link … More Two years ago…

Suburban Starvation

Somehow over the past few months, two eighteen month old twins were allowed to starve to death by their parents in Sunnybank Hills, a Queensland suburb. Their bodies were discovered by an eleven year old sibling who went into their room to try to locate the source of a foul smell in the house and … More Suburban Starvation

Racist Australia?

Over the time we’ve been here we’ve got almost used to the incipient racism underlying a lot of Australian society. The one thing in it’s favour is that it isn’t hidden away and that people are quite open about it which at least means it is able to be discussed freely. However occasionally underlying racial … More Racist Australia?

Save Steve's Place!!!

Please sign the Save Steve’s Place petition and stop the miners wrecking this wildlife preserve!! If we can do it we need to act now… every vote counts. Please send this to all your friends asap!!!