Rape of the fair country.

Despite Kevin Rudd’s government having excellent environmental credentials, it seems that Cape Alumina, a mining company might get mining rights to hack a huge hole in the area Steve Irwin bought as a permanent wildlife reserve.

Seems there is bauxite under the ground and in Australia whilst you might own the surface you bizarrely have no rights to whatever is *underneath* your land and if the government gives the rights to the material to someone then they have the right to ruin your land in the search for profit.

Of course in this case they are not just going to destroy any old piece of land… but a piece of wilderness specifically bought and set aside because of its environmental value… it’s unspoiled wilderness value.

Again this is a rallying call for us ordinary folk to show we care and make a stand. People outside Australia should do what they can to raise awareness overseas about what is about to happen. Those here need to lobby their MP’s to make them understand the need for *them* to take action on our behalf before it’s too late and another pristine area is wrecked forever.

Source: news.com.au

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