That's Safari…

For preference I use Firefox as my browser of choice. It’s fast, easy to use and filled with features some other browsers don’t have. However, because I play with web pages I have to have the other major browsers available to ‘test’ that all I do looks similar in all of them.

The newest kid on the Windows block is Apple’s ‘Safari’ browser and very nice it is too… well let’s say it’s getting better. The current version is a different beast to the one that was released initially… still I digress. The point is just that I occasionally use Safari.

It does have it’s weird points. The one that I find most intensely frustrating is its insistence on sending me to when I’ve told it to go to Now this may not seem like much of an inconvenience, but it *can* be, If I wanted to go to Google Australia then that’s where I’d point the browser. Likewise, if I want to go to Google USA… then that is where I point the browser.

What I *do not* want is for the thing to repeatedly tack on the ‘.au’ three times in succession when I have deleted it twice!! It’s made all the more frustrating because on the entry page, there large as life is the option to go to Google USA… grrrr!!!

No doubt there is somewhere in its guts an ‘options box’ I can tick to make it do what I want it to do and not what it thinks I want to do… but I can’t be faffed looking for it!

Anyone got any suggestions where this magic option might be?

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