More on the gallery.

Considering making the ‘holding’ directory ‘password protected. It wouldn’t make a lot of difference to anyone who *really* wanted to get in, or who searched via Google for instance since it’s not that easy to prevent images being viewed on an open server, but it would make casual visitors slow down.

I’m only querying it because some of us might upload pictures of our kids and grandkids that we wouldn’t necessarily want spread around the internet. Some people like their privacy. 🙂

It might just be an inconvenience, and if one of us gives the password on to friends or neighbours for them to see our stuff then it bypasses the entire security aspect anyway so may be pointless.

Some comment/feedback would be appreciated.

7 thoughts on “More on the gallery.

  1. By the way, I increased the storage to 8Gb pro tem and allowed for greater bandwidth as we upload and view more images.

    Feel free to create as many albums’ as you wish.

    Also I ‘voted’ one nice image (a snow scene) as rubbish instead of excellent… nothing changes. 🙂

  2. You might have increased the storage but it seems my allowance is 1024K – the site will not let me upload any more photos !!! just got this message:

    Disk quota exceeded

    You have a space quota of 1024K, your files currently use 995K, adding this file would make you exceed your quota.

    Personally I think it would be easier and probably cheaper if we opened a Photobucket account which we could all have access to using the same username and password to get in – we could make it private and that way only us would be able to see the pictures. Just a thought unless there are gremlins on your site that need sorting.

    I have re-set the ‘votes’ on the snow scene too hahaha

  3. Ok – sorry about that – until you mentioned it I hadn’t given it a thought! Then I wrote this comment and forgot to send it!! 🙂

    File ‘allocation limits’ are set in a different set of menus I’d not seen.

    For now I added a ‘0’ to the end of the 1024 and quadrupled it so now each registered user has an allocation of 40Mb… which should be enough to be getting on with! 🙂

  4. I read through all this diligently but must admit to not having the slightest idea of what it all means= am I alone in my blissful ignorance or are there others amongst the intelligenstia who makeup your readers who have similiar difficulties –

  5. Ok… Carol was complaining that she’d filled up the space with just a few snaps so it might be better to use a different place for us to upload our photos.

    I hadn’t realised there even *was* a limit until she told me so I went and increased it from 1Mb space per person, to 400Mb space per person… which should be enough for a little while.

    I increased the maximum available space to 8,000 Mb. So, using my limited maths… it means right now we can have up to 20 people (family members) each with their own 400 Mb of space to upload photos!!

    It isn’t costing me any more than before I set it up since I was already paying paying for the space but not using it (there’s a lot more but I’ve got to keep some ‘in reserve’ for now!). The software is free so all it costs is extra time it takes to look after the place and as the ‘looking after’ is minimal there’s not much to do anyway (once it all works the way we want).

    Basically we now have a reasonably sized family photo album online where we can show each other our pictures!!

    Is all that clear now?? 😀

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