Family forums.

Following my latest technological embarrassment (deleting the entire membership list of the gallery) the old man left the following comment

I wonder if there is another family in the world engaging in this conversational crossfire with such insulting good humour= madly unique, or uniquely mad?

Which made me think… as I do from time to time… of a suggestion I made a little while ago about the possibility of creating a ‘family forum’ for us to communicate through.

It’s nice to have all these comments and jokes on the blog, but as the old man reminded me it *is* all being said in the open… anyone can read them! 😀

Lots of us have instant messengers and yes we use them to chat, but the time differences make it hard to keep track of who is where and when they can be reached. We could cut through a lot of this if we had our own place where we could ramble to each other to our hearts content – if and when we felt like it!

It’s *very* easy to do, and *very* easy to maintain. I can even set up a forum that is entirely private, i.e. only members can view the posts, and password protect access. I can even link it to the gallery!

I’m not suggesting it as a place where we would spend hours but as a place we could leave messages to all and sundry just amongst the family? Or am I just getting carried away again? 😀

Again, a little feedback would be good. If anyone thinks it might be useful then I can set it up and we can see how it goes. There are lots of us out there who never drop by the blog, but who might feel less inhibited if they know nobody but family would be seeing what they wrote?

7 thoughts on “Family forums.

  1. sounds good to me altho i cant imagine a lot more would be said than we already do except it woldnt be open to all your correspondents – good idea son – what do the extended mob think?
    although I DO enjoy the “instant” chats

  2. Think it’s a good idea.

    In addition, G menitoned the other day that he would like to start uploading photo’s n stuff. I would too as I would like to see the house in OZ and as I don’t see anyone that often (more to do with me being a lazy git than anything, although more pictures probably wont encourage me to change that). Anyhew…piccies are nice I think – and further to recent posts where it could be considered that some personal stuff was discussed, possible responses may have been better in ‘private’ so to speak.

  3. Yep – sounds cool to me : and what’s more it still allows us the opportunity to insult each other in public if we feel so inclined which is always nice!! 🙂

  4. Hate to have to tell you this but I cannot log in and neither can I see the pictures that I uploaded – HEELLLLP !!!!

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