Crimes against humanity?

The refusal of the Burmese military Junta to allow aid to be given to the huge numbers of their population still suffering from the effects of the recent cyclone have been called ‘crimes against humanity’ by the French.

The Burmese have neither the infrastructure nor political will sufficient to relieve their suffering and the world stands by seemingly helpless in the face of government intransigence despite a massive aid operation waiting at the doors ready to swing into action.

Effects of cyclone in Burmese May 2008
How long will it be and what else must happen to these poor people before the United Nations takes a stand on their behalf and goes in to provide life saving aid with or without the permission of their Government? Another cyclone is circling the country, should they wait until *that* hits as well?

There are suggestions that the current death toll has risen to 80,000 with numbers rising exponentially as disease and exposure add to the ongoing misery. A new bout of severe weather could kill millions.

Perhaps there are fears of another bout of mis-information akin to the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ fiasco of Iraq, but surely this is of a different order entirely. We *know* the cyclone hit and we have pictures of the devastation. The world should act *now* before the situation deteriorates still further.

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