Dreamweaver anyone?

No I’m not on something hallucinogenic, tho when you get up at 4:30 a.m. and discover your daughter who is supposed to be going skating in the wee small hours has decided to have a lie in instead you do begin to wonder…

… anyway, for those not ‘in the know’, I’m referring to that incredibly useful piece of kit lately owned by Macromedia and now swallowed whole by Adobe, Dreamweaver C3.

The version I have dates from almost pre-historic times, i.e. 1999, and is in dire need of an upgrade. The problem is I am not in possession of the AU$2,000+ required to purchase said software directly. Also of course my sites, much as I love them, have never been money spinners in any way, shape, or form and don’t generate sufficient income (basically they generate nothing) such that I can buy the software.

Basically I am wondering if anyone ‘out there’ might have a slightly less obsolete version available that I could purchase cheaply… or purloin f.o.c. which would be even better… so that I’m not forced out into the world of the hacker and download a knocked off version.

I have several other pieces of software, such as the abysmal FrontPage 2003 (cough spit… ) but nothing compares in the slightest to Dreamweaver. The result is that when I try to make up websites I’m reduced to either having to start from ‘basic principles’ using pure HTML to make up simple pages, or to making feeble attempts to modify existing templates and bend them to shape instead of creating afresh with imagination. The old version of Dreamweaver simply does *not* cut it in the modern virtual world.

Yes it’s a long shot, but all I can do is ask and see what happens. So if anyone has something useful… please let me know?

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