Like sand through a sieve.

My memory is getting worse as time goes by. I find I get so engrossed in some project or other that I forget or ignore all else… regardless of whether the other projects are completed or not!

One such project was getting the daughters holiday photos to her. She’d copied them to a DVD but when she got home discovered it hadn’t recorded properly. So she asked me to upload to Photobucket… but I had all sorts of problems and after several attempts eventually got distracted by other things… and forgot.

Following that I determined to send them on a DVD along with a pile of her belongings left behind because of their weight. Yet again I not only forgot the photos… I forget all the rest of the stuff as well so it’s all sitting in a couple of bags waiting.

To overcome at least one problem, the photos, daylight finally dawned and I’ve created a ‘Gallery’ on a ‘spare’ domain and I’m in the process of uploading the photos there. I’ve given the site an upper limit of 1Gb so there should be room for them all… and if all goes to plan I can upload more of my own… and even make space for the family to upload some as well!

So how has it gone?

Well obviously nothing is as simple as you’d hope.  The first attempt was made using software actually *called* ‘Gallery’ but after several abortive attempts to upload and view photos I decided to give it up as a bad job and move on.

The next piece was ‘Coppermine‘ which I’d heard great things about but never used. I’d not used it partly because I was also told it was a pig to configure properly. Well I’m not sure what ‘properly’ means yet, but so far I’ve managed to create the site, add a few categories… and even upload some photos! 🙂

Anyone who wants to view them… especially the daughter to whom they belong after all… can find the link in the side bar or click the url to the new site now called ‘Imagery‘.

There are hundreds of photos to add to this album, and we have thousands more tucked away on drives everywhere. I suppose I’ll have to find some way of editing and sorting them… and maybe even making much of the site ‘private’. I’ll also have to make sure the family know they can ‘join’ as well.

Still, right now we’re on the way to a good little ‘family’ site and that’s a good start… isn’t it?

Let’s hope I remember to sort it all out! 🙂

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