Flaming moggie!

The cat brought in yet another mouse this arvo. I heard it yowling and turned in time to see it bat the poor thing around before running off with it again.

Naturally I went off to try to defend the rodent, as I’ve said before, while I know cats kill mice and ‘play’ with them first, I’d prefer it if they didn’t do so in front of me. Vermin or not there are better ways to die than as a cat’s plaything.

I’l pass over the details of the chase, or the four times the mouse got away only to be caught again. I’ll not describe how and why I had to climb on a chair to get it off the outside light, not how it fell on my head. I’ll not even go into detail about having to catch it on the kitchen counter…

… I’ll just say that somehow it was still alive when I finally *did* catch it and seemed quite pleased when it was dropped over the neighbours fence.

By the way, the cat wasn’t at all concerned at all. While I was trying to catch the mouse as it scurried over the workbench it just continued to munch at its cat food. Cats really do have a strange mindset.

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