Yet *more* on video tapes!

Hot on the heels of my ‘success’ with the Mini DV tapes, I was about to embark on a more ambitious project, namely to transfer all the even *older* tapes we have in Mini VHS format. Some of these go back to our earliest days in Australia so should hold exciting memories for us to relive!

I transferred the tiny TV from our bedroom along with one of the old video players we have littering the place and got ready for some fun. Then I went off to collect the tapes from the drawers where they were kept

Unfortunately… I couldn’t find a single tape! I can only assume that I’ve ‘archived them’, probably (hopefully) by storing them in the garage in one of the many, many plastic cases we have out there.

Still, it wasn’t all bad news. I *did* locate another 13 Mini DV tapes which again we’ve not seen for many years. I’ve not the slightest idea what is on any of them but as we bought the camera (a Canon MV650i) at least six years ago… perhaps longer… they should contain some interesting shots of holidays all bar forgotten, and people not seen for some time.

I’m in for a treat! And then of course it’ll be out to the garage to wade through those boxes looking for treasure… let’s hope none of the ‘treasure’ moves!!! 🙂

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