Yesterday – not too shabby?

The eldest daughter turned 12 yesterday and instead of the usual party we suggested it might be nice for just the four of us to go out for a change.

We’d intended to go down to Canberra for the weekend but we’ll leave that for later in the year perhaps.

Instead we let her choose her gifts and her day. She chose as gifts a ‘Version 5’ Tamagotchi, a 4Gb Mp4 player and a copy of the ‘Pirate of the Caribbean (World’s End)’ PC Game… along with a pile of new clothes.

For her ‘day out’ we went for lunch and the movies. 🙂

We pre-bought tickets for the 1:30 screening of ‘The Spiderwyck Chronicles’, about which I knew nothing and left to seek out a nearby eatery for lunch at a restaurant chain called The Black Stump of which I shall write more in the next post.

I’ll also write more about the cinema in a subsequent post. Suffice it to say I quite enjoyed the experience.

After the movies we trooped off to buy a couple of jackets and trousers which seemed to be urgently needed. That’s where I discovered my ‘little girl’ can now wear size 10 adult clothes and is well in line to wear size 12. This is a concern. She’s growing up too fast!

She seemed to have had a good day in total. We got home and she piled into her PC game and the back of her head was more or less all we saw of her for an hour or two until the wife and I decided to go to our room to watch the last Harry Potter film again… and she decided to join us. Half way through I realised I needed sleep… so the remainder of the film will wait until tonight… when I get back from taking the youngest skating, again.

Strange… I can’t remember being 12! 🙂

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