Reading Cinemas – Rouse Hill (again).

Having had lunch at the The Black Stump we set off to the picture house. Since the place was next door to the restaurant it wasn’t hard to find and in we trooped.

The cinema is one of those owned by the Reading Cinema Group. Whether this is pronounced ‘redding’ or ‘reading’ (as in reading a book) I don’t know, but it’s new to the area and so we thought we’d give it a try.

Since the Rouse Hill Site has only just opened, this was the first time we’d been to this cinema *and* it was the daughters birthday, we decided we’d visit the ‘Gold Lounge’ as a treat!

The blurb onsite regarding the ‘Gold Lounge reads as follows:

Reading Cinemas Rouse Hill offers the discerning cinema goer a relaxed, elegant cinema experience at the Reading Gold Lounge. Three theatres each offer an exclusive environment, complete with stylish Moran lounge chairs, the ultimate in viewing comfort.

Complimentary popcorn and soft-drink are available for the enjoyment of Reading Gold Lounge guests. Guests are also invited to take advantage of the bar and in-cinema service and dining for absolute indulgence. Guests are assured of superior, specialised service on each visit to the Reading Gold Lounge at Rouse Hill.

There’s lots more to read about their Gold Lounge here if you’ve a mind to, and if you do you’ll see why we had such a good time! We made the most of the reclining seats, popcorn, soft drinks, but also ordered scones and coffee for the wife and I, and hot chocolate and carrot cakes for the kids.

The scones etc arrived quietly during the second half of the film and apart from a minor mishap which saw me drop a dollop of raspberry jam down my t-shirt, was well received.

The lounge holds a maximum of 32 people so would be ideal for a private function… though I have no idea how much group bookings would be. Individual prices for adults were $25 per person… which could be worse for what we got!

Overall… great value for money I thought and I would *certainly* go there again *and* use the Gold Lounge facility! A good time was had by all. 😀

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