The Black Stump – Rouse Hill

As mentioned the daughter told us she’d like to go out for a meal as part of her birthday outing and for lunch she wanted to visit a branch of one of what used to be an iconic Australian restaurant chain called ‘The Black Stump’ which we’ve seen in other places but never been to before. We decided to let her take us there because last December the chain was sold to new management and had had the menu revamped.

To test it out, I had Barramundi with char-grilled fennel. My assessment? Well whilst the food was more or less prepared adequately… it was truly uninspiring’. The portions were small, and the fennel was actually cold! In previous times I’d have complained but lately I just ‘chill out’. đŸ™‚

Of course since nobody else is as fussy as I am about food, there were no complaints from the rest of the family though the wife wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about it either.

I suppose all in all the meal was ok… it’s simply that I’ve had far better, with larger portions, and for lower cost. So will I be going back? Only if I can’t avoid it. Apart from the issues with the meal itself, there were restaurants opened all around us with far more varied menus so unless we arrive at The Black Stump with one of their ‘2 for 1’ shopper docket offers… I think it might well be a long time before we return.

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