Marathon task.

My younger brother is living proof that insanity (literally) runs in our family. Despite reaching his half-century he is still amazingly fit regularly doing crazy things like triathlons, iron man competitions and the like.

Yesterday he was supposed to be running a marathon but we’ve not heard from him yet so I’ve no news about *if* he started and, if he did,what his time was.

The concern was generated by a comment by my father that the brother had injured himself during training but was going to run regardless.

No doubt we’ll hear soon, but in the meantime we’ll just have to wait. :1

3 thoughts on “Marathon task.

  1. So Sunday then … I’ll set the scene .

    4 years ago I attempted to run this same marathon and passed out at 17 miles having overheated quite dramatically due to the unusally high temperatures which brought on a bad hayfever attack. I had to be carted off to the medical facilities by ambulance and obviously didn’t get to finish the race.

    My preparation for the race this time was also far from ideal. On the Friday and Saturday prior I had to spend all day on my feet at an exhibition the company were attending in London. I had also earlier in the week torn a groin muscle which was pretty grim.

    Being typically stubborn and boneheaded – a trait common to all of the Lewis clan – I decided to give it a go and see how far I got before the wheels came off.

    So Sunday morning arrives and guess what – the temperatures went from freezing cold last weekend to 23 degrees by 12.00 and it was the hottest day of the year so far. And I had a hay fever attack – but unlike last time I finished in a creditable 4.01.56.

    I would have loved to have beaten 4 hours as well but the heat and the hills caught up with me at 21 miles when I felt like I ran into a double decker bus coming in the opposite direction!!

    On a flatter course and on a cooler day I will run under 4 hours – and don’t tell Mary but there will be a next time!!

    The important thing for me this time was to finish and be able to put last time’s failure to bed. As I said stubborn and boneheaded.

    So all in all a good day – and despite now possessing the legs and hips of a man twice my age and having to navigate stairs backwards I don’t feel too bad!!

  2. Good on ya… I still think you are utterly insane… but at least when the guys in white coats come to cart you off you’ll out run them *and* their ambulance!! šŸ™‚

  3. Fair point – well made – no arguments from me!!

    The last 4-5 miles were pretty bad but I was a lot better off than some. It was like something out of Apocalypse Now or the retreat from Moscow – bodies and bits of kit strewn everywhere. In the spirit of cameraderie I left them lying in the dirt – I was having more than anough trouble getting my own legs to function without worrying about the injured and dying!! šŸ™‚

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