Back again!

Yet again my back is killing me and yesterday and I was reduced to walking with a stick for the first time! I didn’t even do that while the toe was broken. In fact if this keeps up I’ll be going to the docs and ask him to sign a form for me to get a ‘disability sticker’ so I can park close to the shops etc.

Ok I’ve been doing it anyway because we still have the one we got when my mother was living here… but I’ve avoided getting one for myself, but I think I just have to accept it isn’t ever going to get better and just go with the flow.

Irritating though… and the pain makes me *very* grumpy with the kids.

This is what comes of letting myself grow old! I *knew* I should have stayed at age 40 instead of adding those years as the annual birth-date comes round. Too late now… but the rest of you out there… be warned!!

Youth is wasted on the young. 😀

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