More insanity in the UK

In the UK a villain has been apprehended for his heinous crime. He has been fined $500 and his criminal record will stay with him for years to come.

This depraved lawbreaker overfilled his wheelie bin by a massive 8 centimetres. How disgusting!!

Even though his bins are only emptied once every two weeks I don’t know why they didn’t simply haul him away to prison to make a real example of him. There’s really no excuse.

Just to put this in context, in the UK paragons of virtue such as shoplifters only get fined $200.

Obviously cutting down on waste is a priority for local councils running out of space to dispose of rubbish, but when fly-tippers who dump their rubbish anywhere they can find space *also* only get a $200 fine if caught! Surely this is sending the wrong message to people who have more rubbish to dispose of than most?

I often find myself running up and down the street ahead of the rubbish carts dumping my rubbish in other people’s bins in our street… I can see this happening in the UK from now on, with more serious intent and repercussions.

According to the report 45,000 people were fined last year and now live with criminal records because they failed to close their bin lids, put their rubbish out on the wrong day, or left extra black bags alongside their bins… what the hell is going on over there??

I’d hate to live in the UK these days, there is a vein of total bureaucratic insanity running through society.


4 thoughts on “More insanity in the UK

  1. of course its insane, but its just one more way for your local council to make money to spend on ?= like cameras, cameras, cameras, everywhere – we must be the most photographed nation on earth- but of course BIG BROTHER tells us “we know it hurts, but we are only doing it for your own good”
    Freedom of speech? – we havent even got Freedom of thought!

  2. What makes it even more unbelievable is that he is a father of four who recycle everything that can be recycled and yet the supermarkets who package everything in non recyclable materials get away with continuing to polute the world

  3. It’s just bizarre. Has anyone heard what happened to the girl who got sent to Crown Court for throwing an apple core onto a piece of waste ground?

    That was another piece on insanity. All sorts of eyesores thrown up (and down) everywhere and a piece of fruit that would rot to nothing in a few days gets someone hauled up in court. Now this.

    Overkill is just too simple a description.

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