Never rains…

Been raining again. I commented to my eldest daughter just yesterday that it’s probably rained more over the past few months than at any other time in her entire life. It has hardly stopped in 6 months! Good for the dams yes… but can get on the nerves a bit.

One way it ‘irritates’ is when the kids are on holiday… like now. The youngest has a friend over and the pair of them are bored rigid. They’re playing on the computer, playing Dvds and making paper dresses for paper dolls…Ā  and are arguing over each and every thing they try. Right now they can’t play Ratatouille (the PC game). šŸ™‚
Tomorrow they are both off to an educational day at Taronga Zoo which should be fun for them… and peaceful for me. Today was going to be peaceful as well because I was going to drop the youngest over at a friends house for an overnighter. Unfortunately for my plan, the friend’s mother needed to go shopping for a dress for an upcoming interview and asked if they could stay *here* til 2:00 p.m.. Well of course they could. Then she rang as said she might be arriving a bit later… so now I’ve got them both til 7:30 p.m. šŸ™‚

Not complaining really, the family are all nice people and the daughter is a nice little kid and quite assertive when she needs to be… as is my youngest… which is probably why they fight so much.

In the meantime the eldest has gone into work with the wife again. She went in yesterday as well but I think might be less pleased with the day because the wife will be in meetings for a lot of the time she’s there. Still, it might give her an eye-opener into the ‘wonderful world of work’… gee alliteration! Whatever next?

While they are occupied I’m trying to clear up a little. Two weeks of cold and misery have left the place looking really messy again… an ideal state for times when friends pop around – not. Of course the mornings work has left me with a sore back… again… so I might not be able to finish all that needs to be done. But at least I’m trying. šŸ™‚

Very trying as the wife often responds when I say that.

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