Australia Zoo – Family Feud?

Sad as it might be, seems the remaining family of Steve Irwin seem to have fallen out with each other. Bob Irwin Senior has left the Zoo entirely and despite his ongoing reticence to front up to the media regarding his personal life, was the subject of a program called ‘Australian Story’.

In the program he covered his feelings following the deaths of both his first wife Lynn and then Steve and described the failing relationship with the Zoo. His main issues seemed to revolve around the ‘management’ unwillingness to take on board any of the suggestions he made concerning the way the Zoo should be run.

This of course is based on his having handed over total control of what was then a conservation/reptile to Steve and Terri many years back. Steve and especially Terri then developed it and Steve’s ‘Crocodile Hunter’ persona over the ensuing years.

Over the past weeks since Bob Senior announced he was severing links with the Zoo there has been ongoing speculation about what exactly had been going on. Even after the program was shown a few nights ago we weren’t sure, but some additional information was released by the Zoo, stung no doubt by the audience perception that Bob had been thrown to the wolves after giving two members of his family and 36 years of his life to promote wildlife conservation in Queensland.

The information they released was quite interesting.

They revealed that in 1992 Bob Senior offered the remaining 50% of the park to Steve and Terri in return for $300,000 which would help fund his retirement. Because at that time they didn’t have sufficient capital to fund this they agreed to take control of the park in exchange for providing Bob with ‘an income for life’. How this income was to be calculated we’re not party to.

They also passed on information regarding the ‘retirement package’. They said that They have bought Bob two properties, ‘infrastructure’, two vehicles, a bulldozer and other equipment. They are also providing him with an ongoing annual pension of $99,840 per year.

The wife tells me that at a return of 5% the Zoo would need to invest $2,000,000 to provide Bob with his income. Whilst a ‘pension’ of nearly $100,000 per annum might seem quite high, bearing in mind the huge current value of the Zoo he founded and the immense personal wealth of both Terri and Bindi… this seems a paltry figure to offer him in return for 36 years dedication.

I occasionally wonder how often her sees his grandchildren Bindi and Bob Junior. It’s all quite sad.

2 thoughts on “Australia Zoo – Family Feud?

  1. Hmm … this is not about the money

    He says he puts all his money back into conservation … so why would he want/need more

    I think any rift would really be caused by both parties hurting a lot, after losing such an inspirational family member. I am sure they both are trying their hardest to live up to what (they believe) Steve would have wanted. I am impressed at how much they both are trying to keep it away from public scrutiny … so let it go

    I do hope the children still see Bob regularly … “won’t somebody please think of the children”

  2. No it’s not about money, but it *is* about respect being shown the the old guy for putting his life and soul into the Zoo.

    Why want more? If he thinks money donated to the Zoo to support wildlife conservation isn’t being used appropriately, and that *he* could make better use of it according to how *he* thinks Steve would have wanted it spent… then more is good.

    Either way, they’ve called it quits and he’s off on his own again. I hope they all settle down and start talking properly again and soon.

    Bob Senior *is* 68 after all, and as fit as he appears, the stress of the last few years must have taken a toll on his overall health.

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