Happy Birthday Carol!

My sisters birthday today and as usual I forgot to send her a card. Still, all of us here hope she has a great day and lots of cuddles from the grandkids! 🙂

I think she’s 21 again… but I’m not saying how many times she’s got there. 😀

Happy Birthday Carol.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Carol!

  1. Thank you all, although it isn’t my birthday here I am sure I will enjoy it, spent an enjoyable day on the forum, had a virtual party, the girls made me lots of beautiful videos and sent me birthday wishes in case they missed me tomorrow – going to see 10,000 BC with Diane tomorrow evening so looking forward to that, haven’t been to the cinema for a good while. Not sure what else I am doing except going to see the parents.

  2. PS – it’s not like you don’t buy a card, you just put them in the drawer with all the other unsent cards and then forget to post them hahahaha

  3. You know me so well…!!

    Maybe one day you’ll get a package of 20 or so in the mail… but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting!! 🙂

    Sounds like you’re having a good time tho. You ought to round it off with a visit to the pub for a sing-song with the husband!

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