Onward… ever onward!

Managed to walk the dogs for an hour this morning *and* get to the gym for another hour… this time on the treadmill. The nose is still running but I can’t walk fast enough to keep up so spend half my time sniffing, the other half blowing. Yuk.

In between exercising sessions and sniffs, I managed to get to the small computer shop where the father and I bought computers last year… and bought another one! This time for the youngest!

We’ve been putting off spending the money for almost a year making her use the small laptop we have for whatever she’s needed to do that required a computer. However, this year her school have been giving her assignments that are best done using a computer. They also gave her a membership to ‘Mathletics(which is an online Maths teaching utility) and view its use as ‘required homework’ so it’s a bit of a shame if you don’t have a computer… or easy access to one!  In all honesty, despite the whinge earlier in the week about how much schooling is already costing, I think we had little choice *but* get her one.

Anyway it’s ordered. paid for, and will be built over the weekend ready for collection on Tuesday. I think she’ll be well pleased… as will I when I have to sit down and try to assemble it all into a working configuration!! Anyone interested in seeing which model we’ve ordered can have a look at this page of the J & W Computers site. To sweeten the deal a little, the salesman (Henry) gave us a couple of upgrades free (for example a better OS, DVD, wireless LAN, and graphics card) because we’re good customers which is always a good way to keep us coming back! He also threw in a 4 Gb USB flash drive and you can’t fault them for that!! 🙂

Anyway, now the excitement is over for the day, it’s back to routine. I have to shower, shave, change… and get out to pick her up to get to the rink. The eldest daughter will catch the bus home and then get ready for Girl Guides. Gee these kids lead busy lives.

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