Winter on the way?

Despite the days still being sunny and warm, winter is clearly starting to announce it’s imminent arrival. This morning the car thermometer registered only 6ºC and even inside the house the air conditioning was churning away blasting hot air over us.

Outside, other than the notable absence of the ‘wildlife’ we’ve been used to all summer, little has changed yet. True we’re not to unhappy to see the back of the mosquitoes, but there are fewer and fewer butterflies to be seen and none of the beetles and other flying insects that made sitting in the garden (such as it is) such a pleasure. I *did* see a dragonfly the other day sitting forlornly on the driveway for a few minutes and yesterday a baby skink ran under the car as I walked towards it, but there’s very little else of note.

Perhaps what’s more indicative of the coming winter is that I appear to have already caught a cold! Perhaps the combination of the low temperatures and inevitable tiredness from the early morning skating sessions has finally caught up with me? No idea. Currently all I really feel is an urge to crawl back to bed and curl up. The prospect of going to the gym this morning is already filling me with dread! Unfortunately, after having two days off already and having eaten too much yesterday (another sure sign I was coming down with *something*) I really don’t have much option other than to get on with it. There’s hardly any point beginning a regime of diet and exercise only to abandon or suspend it within days! 🙂

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