Quiet ol' day today.

Not a lot happening here today. The kids are away, the youngest still at a sleepover, and the eldest to a friends party. The wife is working trying to catch up on the work she missed whilst home with the sore back… and I’m pottering about in the garage trying to find some floor space.

Because of my back/hip/toe/etc I’ve not been able to do much out in the garage for months so it’s get pretty dire in there. It got to the stage that people would simply open the door and throw stuff in because it was too hard to negotiate the piles of accumulated boxes and tools that were lying around.

I’ve cleared a half but thought lunch might be a good idea. I’m not eating a lot after all so when it’s time… it’s *time*!! 🙂

Now I’m drunk a cup of what is whimsically called ‘Beef Curry’ I feel no fuller than I did before. Nevertheless it’s time to go get on with it while I can. I *was* going to mow the lawns, but it’s taken me so long to get access to the mower I think it would be too hot to attempt it. Besides, it’s nearly time to go get the eldest… the youngest is being brought home later… even more reason to get the garage done!

On the other hand…. why worry?? There’s always mañana.

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