Did *you* support Earth Hour?

Earth Hour had a lot of support this year in Australia.. and it seems around the world! I hope you all sat around in darkness for an hour wondering what to do with yourselves… as we did. 🙂

The youngest had gone for a sleepover at a friends so there were just the three of us here sitting and chatting in the darkness until we felt able to switch the lights on again. Made a nice change to have a conversation… tho admittedly I fell asleep half way through. To be fair I’d been up since 4:45 a.m. and hadn’t eaten much all day so I felt ok about it.

Still hungry this morning… it’ll pass. Now looking at the news to see who else around the world followed the example of Oz and switched off for a short while. Maybe it won’t make a whole heap of difference, but if it raises awareness and changes perceptions a little… it’ll have been worth doing.

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