Let me entertain you.

Better yet… let someone else do it!

We’ve been watching a few ‘old movies’ recently and enjoying them immensely. We watched “Mrs Henderson Presents” with Dame Judi Dench opening the now defunct Windmill Theatre… great stuff if a little sanitised. Also sanitised but still watchable was “To Sir with Love” with a youngish Sidney Poitier (before his knighthood) and Judy Geeson (who became neither ‘Dame’ nor ‘Sir’ and at age 59 is now running an antiques shop :)).

A few of these movies were borrowed from the newly opened library… luckily their book stock is far newer than their DVD collection! 🙂

I’m currently listening to (rather than watching) the DVD of “Queen Rock Montreal” (1981) and “their “Live Aid” performance (1985). Brilliant musicians at the peak of their popularity.

Lowering the tone slightly… a lot… we watched a 2006 production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” starring Donny Osmand and his teeth. To be fair he has a good voice and I have to admit he did a really good job and I think we’ll be watching this one again before it is returned.
Later on we have a DVD of the final “Prime Suspect” tho of course since it was released in 2006 it’s nowhere near as old. Hey… Helen Mirren is also a Dame! We’re getting thru some aristocratic movies! 🙂

Loads of other stuff here to work through, for example I have a bunch of old Bogart movies here that might we worth a squizz! I bought them when the oldies were over but for some reason we never got round to watching them. Be good to see if my memory of the films being so good stands up to current reality.

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