What is it with Heather Mills?

Surely being awarded $53 million was enough to last most people for life? Not so Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills who has set a team of accountants on the trail of”‘Macca’s missing millions” claiming he was worth double what was entered into court records as his net worth. But why? Invested wisely the money she has would bring her a far higher annual income than she could ever have hoped to earn in her own right?

Heather Mills
Let’s face it, she’s not getting any younger and her days as a model would have been numbered long before she managed to hook Macca! Even the voyeuristic interest in her disability would hardly have made her image more ‘saleable’ so her earning potential must have been very limited?

I’m damn sure if someone gave me $50 million I’d sit down and shut up instead of trying to wheedle even more out of them and wasting the money I’d been given on teams of accountants. Maybe they *will* find Macca has more than the amount he claimed he was worth, but why should that make any difference? Surely the important amount the court needed was the difference between what he was worth when they met and what he was worth when they split up?

Should an ex-wife have a claim on money made prior to a marriage? Maybe yes up to a point… especially where there are children involved and the partner has given up a career etc…. but that point was reached and far exceeded by the divorce settlement Heather Mills got. People in the public eye do themselves no favours when they appear greedy and right now Heather Mills is doing herself no favours.

There are people all over Australia whose income doesn’t reach $53,000 let alone $53,000,000… there’s something wrong with society somewhere.

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